Grand Lodge of Latvia
ceturtdiena, 25. jūlijs, 2024
On Freemasonry

This is the Official Website of Grand Lodge of Latvia

Latvijas Lielloža or Grand Lodge of Latvia represents all Freemasons of this country and this website is the sole home page of regular Latvian Freemasons on the Web providing general information on Freemasonry, updated information of the Grand Lodge of Latvia as well as news and announcements concerning regular Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Latvia dissociates itself completely from and has nothing to do with websites found on the Internet and people who would attract attention by use of images and signs of Freemasonry thus misleading the general public on their own status as well as on Freemasons and principles of Freemasonry on the whole. It should be noted that one of the principles of Freemasonry is unpretentiousness.