Grand Lodge of Latvia
ceturtdiena, 23. maijs, 2024
On Freemasonry / What is a Freemason?

A Freemason in Latvia is a man of mature personality who indulges in self-development, self-improvement and support of the society. It is an individual firmly determined to turn himself into a better man and whose purpose is perfection. Any male with the above qualities is warmly welcome to join the community of Latvian Freemasons.

True values of the Freemason are high moral standards and Freemasons are expected to follow such standards of their free will according to the appeals of the organization.

Masonic values:

  • Equality and understanding;
  • charity and other activities for the benefit of the society;
  • education, self-development and perfection;
  • the ability to act independently for the common cause of the organization.

A Freemason and his family members are law-abiding citizens enjoying friendship and sense of inclusion created by community of like-minded people.
A freemason admits and accepts the existence of a uniting element at the heart of the Universe.